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Language Intelligence (LI) integrates Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a structured knowledge fabric from unstructured data. Using a toolkit found nowhere else, Sorcero has crested a unique approach to defining and semantically describing content, using structures called ontologies.

Without coding expertise, teams can create intelligent NLP applications on the LI platform in the Sorcero Language Intelligence Development Environment (SLIDE). This approach lets Sorcero easily customize for each customer the ontologies that support their LI. The results: better performance than general-purpose NLP.



Sorcero Knowledge is an intelligent knowledge base for capturing and structuring expert knowledge. This expert knowledge is then interactively shared within expert teams. Sorcero Knowledge classifies and structures authoritative information, improving the quality and consistency of scientific information being shared. This application transforms expert knowledge shared by expert teams into actionable intelligence.




Sorcero Insights is a field intelligence application providing analytics and reporting. These analytics and reports accelerate the process of deriving value from field insights. Sorcero Insights extracts and organizes information from the field, improving collaboration and transparency for teams sharing information. This application transforms unstructured content created by field teams into actionable intelligence.

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