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Sorcero Releases New White Paper on AI for Workforce Training

AI for good, Cognitive Computing, Workforce Training, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, Productivity

Sorcero, an award-winning AI knowledge and learning platform company, has published a new white paper that examines the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can transform workforce training and prepare employees for the demands of a rapidly changing employment landscape. Specifically, the white paper highlights how AI personalizes on-the-job training with just-in-time learning journeys that significantly improve learning outcomes and boost productivity.

To AI, the Cause of—And Solution to—All of the Future of Work’s Problems

AI for good, Workforce Training, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work


AI is coming for your job. It should be coming to help.

AI for good, Cognitive Computing

A few weeks ago we were talking with a potential customer who seemed like a perfect fit. They oversaw a large healthcare provider, one of our first market verticals. The organization sounded like they had a great use case for Sorcero's product. Halfway through our conversation, they say, "How many people can I replace?"

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