Language Intelligence for the Enterprise

Our mission: transform the way mission-critical decisions are made within key industries that drive the global economy.

Today, we are building an Enterprise NLP suite that supports the Life Sciences & Insurance industries in handling complex information, policies, rules, and regulations, automating the building of incredibly smart knowledge bases and workflows that rely on technical language.
Tomorrow, we’re working to deliver a cognitive suite that enables every knowledge worker in the world to configure, deploy and manage AI-powered applications to augment their expertise.
Sorcero’s drag-and-drop cognitive technology platform enables teams to deploy applications in hours instead of months. Our platform understands context, generates critical answers, and leverages ontologies and taxonomies unique to the industry.
Sorcero was initially inspired by two classic science fiction books and from our team’s decades spent on digital transformation worldwide. Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy taught us that asking the right question was essential to finding the right answer. Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age gave us a highly personalized guidance device, the Primer, that was powered by AI but kept humans in the loop while transforming lives.
Our platform gently directs users towards the right questions and the right answers and always supports human experts.

Because ∑ (human + AI) > human | AI alone.



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