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Supernatural Language Processing

No matter their mission, humans have limits. The most highly trained experts in the world know how much they don't know. Attempting the impossible for a human is foolish. But what if you had superpowers?

With Language Intelligence (LI) and a platform to build enterprise applications, you can finish work that was once impossible. You can even create solutions to finish it for you. In a document-driven world, Language Intelligence:

  • Enables contextual understanding of content
  • Inspires enterprise-wide adoption of cognitive technology
  • Provides a visual development studio, toolkit, and platform  

Inspire Experts

Taking NLP to the next level, LI represents an opportunity to enhance the work of experts everywhere. Language Intelligence:

  • Augments experts, addressing everything from clinical decision-making to medical overbilling
  • Allows teams to access content and expertise as easily as asking a question
  • Delivers answers as sophisticated as decision trees for physicians rebuilt in real-time from updates to publications 

In every instance, LI applications are purpose-built to work with subject-matter experts rather than replace them. Human interaction is part of how LI learns.

Redefine Intelligence

Unlike other platforms, Sorcero uses a unique layered approach with a hierarchical tool chain, called a Cognitive Tower, to improve performance over general-domain Artificial Intelligence (AI). Language Intelligence:

  • Uses transfer learning from language models enhanced by domain-specific, enterprise-specific, and workflow-specific contextual models
  • Creates a structured knowledge fabric from unstructured data by ingesting text-based documents, images, diagrams, and tables
  • Drives a contextual understanding of enterprise content and subject-matter experts to automate business processes and augment decision-making

Through the convergence of LI and experts, Sorcero is able to go beyond NLP. LI powers the highest value decisions being made today, the missions that save lives and ensure a better world.

Redefine Intelligence
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