Redefine Industries with Better Decisions

In industries that touch everyone, augmenting experts with Language Intelligence improves outcomes from digital transformation.


Synergy Matters

Sorcero Language Intelligence (LI) serves industries with content that follow shared schematics. Health insurance and pharmaceutical companies use the same unstructured data; skilled trades and property and casualty insurance rely on the same technical content. 

This synergy enriches customers. Serving health insurance makes Sorcero better at serving pharmaceutical companies, for example. Mastery of content in one industry applies across others.

For enterprises reliant on domain expertise, such as insurers, life sciences, and financial services, LI offers a way forward:

  • Augments experts, including underwriting, engineering, and medical review teams at insurers, and the life sciences.
  • Addresses everything from medical overbilling to high property loss rates.
  • Meets challenges with intelligent applications that understand the nuances of expert work in days, not years

When Every Word Counts, Augment Your Experts

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Life Sciences

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Financial Services

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Skilled Trades


Sorcero is the Future-Proof Choice

Access to critical information can be the difference-maker when mitigating risk. Sorcero applications help solve everything from medical overbilling to high property loss rates, minimizing risk while delivering great rewards. That’s why Sorcero is a Top 10 InsurTech company for 2020.

Knowing the intel that you can’t afford to miss is a surefire way to drive bottom-line results. Watch the video to learn more about one successful application at a top property and casualty insurance company.

Sorcero Means Better Patient Outcomes

Ultimately, the mission to improve patient outcomes is what drives the Life Sciences sector. From transforming medical guidelines into a smart diagnostic platform to deriving measurable strategic value from field medical insights, NLP is crucial to the future of the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. 

Sorcero’s exceptional team delivers better outcomes, both for patients and, when it matters most, on the bottom line. Watch the video to learn more about one successful application at a global pharmaceutical company.




Sorcero Makes Valuable Insights Transparent

Numbers can prove the value of insights from NLP, but knowing what’s behind those numbers is valuable as well. For subject matter experts and compliance, Sorcero provides a structured workflow that allows them to monitor all content that is added and removed from the knowledge base and verify answers before they reach a customer. Because Sorcero has purpose-built its platform to be transparent, an audit of its NLP is nothing to fear.

Knowing how bottom-line results get delivered, not just the results themselves means that Sorcero is ready for the transparent future of the enterprise.


Sorcero Partners to Power Remote Training 

Infrastructure supports every technology, and delivering training to learners everywhere is crucial within the skilled trades. Augmenting training with NLP means those learners are discovering the next mission-critical lesson, not losing the point. Through the convergence of workflow and experts, Sorcero is able to go beyond NLP with a more sophisticated LI platform.

Never has learning mission-critical skills anytime, anywhere been more important, and Sorcero is driven to solve the learning challenges in the industries that touch all others.

Industry in Focus: Life Sciences

How Language Intelligence is Changing Medical Affairs

While AI is a hot topic in the life sciences sector, the role of AI in Medical Affairs is often overlooked. At the same time, Medical Affairs itself is expanding and gaining importance, thus increasing the need for more sophisticated digital support tools. To learn more, download the white paper.

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Benefits of LI

There is a 250% increase in financially-sound operational choices with access to decision support expertise.
Our NLP suite supports your subject matter experts to make better decisions, reduce regulatory risk, automate workflows, and improve operational efficiency.

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